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Alex Vetangle



a gold-colored alloy cast and often gilded in

gold powder,

used especially in France in the 18th century for

decorating furniture, ceramics, and architectural ornaments 

 Each art card is printed then hand finished in our studio using antique and modern printing techniques. 

We print and emboss our designs onto premium cardstock and layer them with die cuts and embellishments to create beautiful keepsakes that you can see and feel in every piece.

We work in a sustainable fashion and are committed to minimizing our footprint and impact on the environment by using post-consumer Tree-Free materials whenever possible. We partner with companies who actively engage in these sustainable and responsible practices.

Every year we take pride in donating overstocked items, damaged materials, excess paper, and art supplies to L.A.U.S.D.(Los Angeles Unified School District) to help with the expense burden that teachers provide to their students so we can lift and inspire young artists and their creations.





Hand Made

25% Cotton

Post Consumer Materials

Hand Die Cut



1215 Beverly Green Drive. Suite A Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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