LOV115-Heart Circle B Low Rez
THK107- Sea Horse A Low Rez
CEL161-Dot Circle A Low Rez
BIR128-Water Colors Low Rez
TOY148-Butterfly B Low Rez
THK163 Floating Ovals C Low Rez
TOY147-Flying Bird A Low Rez
Monarch back of card-UPC
CEL164-Circle Stripe A Low Rez
THK109-Crossing Ribbons B Low Rez
THK103-Gold Dot Wheel Low Rez 2
A2 Card Back2-UPC

New Monarch Cards!

Modern A2 Cards!




 gold cast ornaments applied to antiques, furniture, & ceramics

widely used in Europe in the18th century






Originally from the Midwest, I now call Southern California my home.

Decorative arts, Textured Paper, and modern design have always fascinated me.

I Started Ormolu Press so I could combine those loves and 

merge them into greeting cards.

Hence the artful images pared with foiled borders and

dimensional embossing.


Each design is printed on premium cardstock using antique and modern printing techniques then

hand-finished in our studio to create beautiful keepsakes that you can see and feel in every piece.

We work sustainably and are committed to minimizing our footprint on the environment by

using post-consumer Tree-Free materials whenever possible. 

We partner with companies that engage in these sustainable and

responsible practices.


Your customers looking for "Modern Style" and a bit of Finesse will love our cards!

Alex V 2 Low Rez.jpg

Alex Vetangle